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Pen on paper 

size 21*29cm // 8.2*11.4"

1/1 signed

I’ve admired Skylar Brandt – the principal dancer with the American ballet theatre - ever since I discovered her on IG a few years ago. Apparently, the admiration was mutual, and ever since, we’ve been exchanging our fascination with each other’s craft via shares, likes, and comments.
As soon as I learned I’ll be going to NYC to paint my mural for @thesevillenyc (see previous posts) – I knew I would try to meet up with Skylar. Not only did she agree to meet, she was also my guest of honour at the mural unveiling event. But that wasn’t enough for me! I asked Skyler if she would indulge me in another meeting – this time in her studio, where she’d dance and I’d sketch her. Being the lucky bitch that I am – Skyler agreed again! ✨

“She Pliéd and I plutzed!” – SATC
So the next day, we met up at the Movement center on the west side. While Skylar was putting on her TUTU I was sharpening my pencils and off we went. The result is in front of you!
It’s no coincidence that Skylar is one of the best ballerinas in the world. She is graceful, elegant, and is simply the kindest soul, inside out! I enjoyed our time together so so much! In fact, it was my trip’s highlight.

Ballet session 2

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Size Guide:

Cm              Inches

15 x 21         6.69 x 8.26      

30 x 40        11.81 x 15.74

50 x 70        19.68 x 27.55   

70 x 100       27.55 x 39.37

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