Get a personal portrait sketch, live, on the spot by artist Shira Barzilay, aka KOKETIT

!Your event will instantly become so much more fun

live art

What is - live art?

Well, Live Art is when an Koketit chooses to make work directly in front of the audience in events in front of a watching crowd, where art becomes a performance. The subject of her live drawings are on-the-spot, fast pace personal portraits of the guests in the event, thus, enhancing the artistic experience, into a more personal, emotional one.

Whether it be a business event, or a wedding, or any other kind of venue - Koketit has been creating live art at events for 4 years, and has traveled all over the country doing so. 
Her talent, combined with hard work and skill, have created a unique product, only hers that continue to dazzle crowds  wherever she goes, spreading inspiration and  creative excitement. 


"During the 3 hour even, your art captured the attention of everyone in the room and created such exhiliration among the crowd, Till this day all my co-workers are complimenting my choice to add you to our corporate event! we can't wait to have you over again!"


head of recources, Shufersal 

live art

You helped make our wedding party so special. The audinece was so captivated by your talent and performance abilities. They were so excited to go home with such a creative and personal keep sake from our special day. We and our guests can't stop gushing over you. thank you so


for inquiries, feel free to leave koketit your details and she will get back to you 

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